The Beast Man

The Beast Man, my original character I drew, his backstory he feeds on negative emotions, the more negative emotions he feels he gets bigger and stronger, he is not very intelligent but Has been created to be the pinnacle of any race on Planet Earth, his genetic makeup contains a snakes DNA, the gorilla DNA, Shark DNA and much more but what is the reason for this? The Beast Man comic book coming soon

Poor mans thoughts

Poor Mans thoughts (Poem)

Poor Mans thoughts

Thoughts of a living my life being poor

I slept uncomfortably on the ice cold floor

As I woke up and raised my head off the boulevard

The light hit me hard eyes blinded I couldn’t see much

Like a hot flame from hell it burned my scar

The scar was just above my right arm

My head felt numb from the concrete floor

I picked up a metal pipe i smoked some more

I dreamt maybe just maybe I could be something more

But I said maybe one day but I knew in my heart

I picked up a bug placed it on my calves

I thought to myself I could stop it’s heart

The life of a bug must really be hard

I set it on the floor and I walked and walked

I begged a man for two cents please I am poor

He kept on walking then I kept being ignored

More and more i thought about stuff

I thought about the one joy it was white and hard

I would break it down then burn and puff

It was as if I had found true love

I travelled to a place where everything was a buzz

I tried to escape from a world hard enough

My mum and dad brought me up they told me adult life is hard

They told me never ever do drugs

Green yellow and red colours all around us

I’m in the sky again

I told myself

I would never take another pipe again

I told myself

Poor mans thoughts one day I will achieve wealth.

The Living Planet

Somewhere out in the Universe was a rather harder type of living for some, this planet rotated faster than many other planets but that wasn’t the strangest thing, this planet had a living face and was constantly crying, it’s wails could be heard a solar system away from the planet itself and it’s large tear drops would solidify to a crystal as it dropped below the planet through the endless space.